• Sustainable Fashion

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Recycling Pet Bottles

Our Brand

Multiplika, a high-fashion, ready-to-wear collection that centers on delivering comfort and style with textiles and recycled plastic that are exclusively sustainable. Whether you choose to sling a Nela bag —  strung together with woven plastic, decorated with salvaged, artisanal fabric — over your shoulder, or drape yourself in a kimono featuring our signature zig-zag pattern, you can rest assured you’re giving the earth, and each piece’s manufacturer, a second chance.

"Your products inspire me, I support the sustainable cause." 

Alice Berger

"I cannot believe this is Recycle Plastic! I am so excited to use My Carmen bag at the beach" 

Vanessa Espallat

What Do We Mean?

Multiplika, which seeks to employ international artisans through nonprofit partnerships, is proud to invest in aspiring female entrepreneurs by supplying access to education and job opportunities. So when you make a purchase in our online store, you’re not just giving pieces of cloth or plastic bottles an additional birth, you’re frequently laying the groundwork for women to redefine their working lives. Here, art and humanity go hand in hand.

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