My Carmen Tote Bag

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My Carmen Bag is the perfect bag to go to the market! is the perfect bag to replace those plastic bags used to buy groceries. This bag will last forever! Also, great to go to the beach! you can cover it in the sand and then just rinse it!  

Our over-the-shoulder tote style uses recycled plastic string to create a super-sturdy tote, complete with 100% cotton handles and a cover of Guatemalan's traditional huipil. Each tote is different since they are all hand-weaved. Each Huipil that we use is vintage and all of them are different. 

If you would like to choose your colors, please DM us on Instagram @multiplika! we could make you a custom made. Have in mind that each bag takes at least two weeks to make it. 

This bag is perfect for going to the beach, having a picnic, or even traveling !!!